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Measuring technology for tyres


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Tire Uniformity Grading Machine (TUO)

inmess, as one of the global leaders in manufacturing tire uniformity machines for complete wheel assemblies, continues its firm steps along the way to achieve the same success in the field of tire measurement machines.
The determination of the radial and lateral force variations in a rolling tire, its ply steer and conicity as well as the radial and lateral run-out is a prerequisite for substantial statements about the current quality level of a tire production site. Geometrical measuring can be added as an additional feature to a tire uniformity measurement machine. The detection of bulges and dents, which is considered as a safety failure of a tire, is an important criterion for the exclusion of low quality tires during a production process.

  • TUO-PC (Passenger Cars),
  • TUO-LT (Light Trucks),
  • TUO-TB ( Trucks and Bus).
  • The tire will be transported into the machine and centered by the centering unit.
  • Via the centering station the outside diameter of the tire will be measured.
  • The measured diameter is compared with the test plan. In case of a deviation the machine goes into fault mode.
  • In the fixture frame the tire is locked between the step rim segments and filled with air.
  • The road wheel is pressed against the tire by means of a ball screw, according to the given load force.
  • The forces are registered by the load cells and transmitted to the machine control.
    For a correct measurement process, the type of tire needs to be transferred to the machine via a barcode reader (optional) or the conveyor control system. The type of tire or tire number can be edited as well manually via the touch panel. This information is necessary to position the sensors for radial and lateral force measurement
  • The measured values are visualized, classified and transmitted to the machine control. Based on the results and the defined tolerances in the test plan, the tire will be classified (class 1-4)
  • 2006/42/EG CE machinery directive .
  • EN 60204 Safety of machinery .
  • WDK-directive 109-2 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tires
    Radial and lateral force variation .
  • WDK-directive 109-3, -4 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tires
    Test condition for passenger car tires, – Light trucks tires.
  • WDK-directive 109-8 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tires
    Test parameters and quality values for passenger car tires  .
  • WDK-directive 109-9  Uniformity measurement of pneumatic Tires-Test parameters and quality values for motorcycle tires .
  • SAE International J332 – Testing Machines for Measuring the Uniformity of Passenger Car and Light Truck Tires.
  • ISO 13326 Test methods for measuring tyre uniformity.



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