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Measurement-Technik Complete wheels


Uniformity measurement in production lines is a difficult subject regarding compactness, robustness, cycle time and reliability. inmess is a leading provider of Tire uniformity measurement machines



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Tire Uniformity Grading Machine (TUG)

The tire uniformity measuring machine is used to measure the tire uniformity for complete vehicle wheels and determines the radial and lateral force fluctuations of the rolling wheel, optionally its ply steer and cone effect, as well as the radial and lateral runout and customer-specific calculations such as TUZ for example.

The machine is optionally available with a DOT detection system as well as a geometry measuring system 

  • The wheel to be measured is fed in and centered by the centering unit. Here it is assumed that the complete wheels are made available by the conveyor technology with an accuracy of ±30 mm transverse to the conveying direction. If this cannot be guaranteed, the cycle time will be adversely affected.
  • The outside diameter of the wheel is measured via the centering.
  • The measured diameter is compared with the test plan. If there is a deviation, the system goes into malfunction.
  • After centering, the main wave will be lifted by the fixture. The wheel will be centered and clamped.
  • The load wheel will be pressed against the tire by means of a ball screw spindle, according to the given clamping force.
  • The forces are absorbed by the load cells in which the load wheel is installed and transmitted to the machine control system.
  • For the process it is necessary that the wheel type is transmitted to the machine via barcode reader (optional) or conveyor control. The wheel type or wheel number can also be entered via the existing touch panel. This information is necessary to position the sensors for the run-out and lateral run-out measurement.
  • The recorded measured values are visualized, classified and transferred to the plant control system. Based on the results and the tolerances stored in the test plan, an IO/NIO decision is transmitted.
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  • WDK-directive 109-9-Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tires- Test parameters and quality values for motorcycle tires
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