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Measuring technology for rims


The SIT 7141 is a high-performance side impact test machine with a safety standard at a high technical level.


Side-Impact-Tester (SIT)

The machine SIT is a powerful and efficient Side Impact Testing Machine at a high technical level for testing passenger car and SUV wheels. Already the standard version is equipped with a great number of technical components for an easy performance of your Impact Tests.

Further versions:

  • Radial Impact Tester Type RIT according to AK specification LH08
  • Construction height of merely ~ 2400 mm
  • No need to connect to air compressor
  • Automatic setting of drop height
  • Graphic display of inner pressure of the tyre and characteristics after the test
  • Graph of pressure curve
  • Drop heights
  • Impacts (weight)
  • Inner pressure of the tyre

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