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Measuring technology for tyres


The rolling resistance measuring machine is designed for measurement of rolling resistances of tires. Measurements can be performed according to all common international directives. As a standard, the RRM can be used for torque measuring procedure.


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Rolling resistance measuring machine (RRM)

The rolling resistance coefficient is essential to assess the fuel efficiency of a tire. It is one of the three classifications needed for the EU Tire Label: fuel consumption, wet grip and noise emission. The EU tire labelling is having a higher impact thanks to the increasing e-commerce sales in the tire industry.

The inmess rolling resistance measuring machines are equipped with both torque and force rolling resistance measurement methods. Both methods have advantages that make them preferable (or less preferable) in specific situations. The inmess machines are a reference for known members of the European commission expert group in terms of laboratory alignment for the measurement of tire rolling resistance. The alignment of an inmess rolling resistance measuring machine is very achievable, the experts have always shown to be clearly impressed by the quality of the measurement accuracy.

  • RRM-1PC Single stand version (Passenger Car Tires),
  • RRM-1TB Single stand version (Truck and Bus Tires),
  • RRM-1MC Single stand version (Motor Cycles Tires),
  • RRM-2PC Double stand (both sides for Passenger Tires),
  • RRM-2PT Double stand (1 side Pass. cars, 1 side Trucks & busses),
  • RRM-2TB Double stand (both sides for Trucks and Bus Tires).
  • The machine frame is a solid weld design mounted on vibration-damping machine feet. As a result, no additional foundation is required for the machine.
  • On the machine frame, the carriage is mounted on precision linear units. This is also where the force measuring plates for the contact force control and wheel spindle are installed.
  • The rolling radius and offset are determined by a digital measuring system.
  • The machine uses a safety shut-down. In case of tire defects the machine will move back in home position and the load wheel, as well as the spindle and test wheel will be stopped.
  • 2006/42/EG Maschinenrichtlinie.
  • EN 60204 Sicherheit von Maschinen.
  • ISO 10191 Passenger car tyres – Verifying tyre capabilities.
  • ISO 28580 Passenger car, truck and bus tyres – methods of measuring rolling resistance.
  • ISO 18164 Passenger car, truck, bus and motorcycle tyres – methods of measuring rolling resistance.
  • SAE J2452 Stepwise Coastdown Methodology for Measuring Tire Rolling Resistance.
  • SAE J2452 Stepwise Coastdown Methodology for Measuring Tire Rolling Resistance.
  • ECE R117 Einheitliche Bedingungen für die Genehmigung der Reifen hinsichtlich der Rollgeräuschemissionen und der Haftung auf nassen Oberflächen und/oder des Rollwiderstandes (Standardized conditions for the approval of tires with regard to rolling sound emissions and wet surface holding and/or the rolling resistance).
  • Customer specific requirements.



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