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TUG-WL – The innovation

The TUG-WL is a universal measuring machine for wheels and tyres. It calculates the values for tyre uniformity and radial and lateral run-out. It is also possible to measure the radial and lateral run-out on the disc wheels (rims). The TUG-WL ensures maximum quality for industry, test centres and institutes and tyre trade. By measuring the ‘new wheels’ with the TUG-WL, repair shops and special trade are able to offer ‘additional value’ to their clients. Furthermore this allows the creation of extra income as well as the minimisation of liability and warranty claims by documenting the assembly.  

Technical description:  

The results of non-uniformity of the rolling wheel are force variations. These are transmitted into the vehicle as disturbing oscillations, mainly into the chassis components.  

The main causes for this problem are:  

  • Uneven mass dispersion
  • Different tyre rigidities
  • Run-out of the disc wheel  

Uneven mass dispersion is easily eliminated by balancing the wheels. Tyre uniformity and run-out of the rim, however, can only be compensated by specific assembly of rim and tyre on the complete wheel.