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Measuring technology for tyres



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Plunger - Plunger and Bead unseating tester (PLU)

Various strength tests are required to ensure the load-bearing capacity of motor vehicle tires. The Plunger and Bead Unseating machine enables both, tire impression tests and tire fit tests on passenger car and light truck tires in accordance with international regulations and standards.


This machine is available in the following versions:

  • PLU-PC (Passenger Cars),
  • PLU-LT (Light Trucks),
  • PLU-TB ( Trucks and Bus).
  • The machine is designed as a welded construction.
  • The wheel mount is designed to ensure that both, plunger and bead unseating tests can be carried out without mechanical modification. Only the mounting flange with the required bolt circles must be changed and the mounting bracket placed in working position.
  • Vertical wheel holder for Bead Unseat tests.
  • Horizontal wheel holder for plunger tests.
  • 2006/42/EG Maschinenrichtlinie.
  • ISO 10191 Passenger car tyres – Verifying tyre capabilities Laboratory test methods.
  • FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) N°. 109 und 119.
  • NHTSA DOT HS 811 735 und 811 797.
  • SAE J 918
  • ASTM F414-06.





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