Optical Measuring Technology

The industrial production of complex construction parts calls for a flexible quality management in order to control and supervise production processes. Mechanical gauges alone are no longer able to execute satisfactorily the variety of tests required. Hence optical testing systems are increasingly replacing these systems as they grossly surpass their performance with regards to flexibility, speed and quality of data in the majority of cases.
We at inmess specialise in industrial measuring techniques and take pride in delivering ready to go systems based on optical sensor technology. The scope of measuring tasks encompasses 3D measuring and CAD comparison on reflecting and diffusely scattering surfaces as well as surface testing on scratches, cavities, bumps etc.
Based on the relevant problem inmess determine the suitable sensor system and follow it with a complete concept. There are no limits with regards to certain producers. The following measuring methods are primarily used:

  • Laser triangulation (point/line)
  • Image processing
  • Confocal sensors
  • Stripe projection
  • Photogrammetry

Having verified the concept the complete equipment is designed and developed. The entire working processes from construction to programming and putting into operation are carried out in our company.