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The high-speed uniformity measuring machine type: HSU-LAB is used to measure the uniformity of tyres on complete passenger car, motorcycle and light truck wheels under conditions similar to driving conditions.


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High Speed Uniformity Machine for laboratory use (HSU-Lab)

After an intensive development stage and as a result of the continuous product development process, inmess lunched the new High Speed Uniformity Machine (HSU-Lab) already in the third quarter of 2017. The aim here is to achieve the same success as experienced with the uniformity machine (TUG).
The HSU measures the uniformity for tires at high speeds and the radial, lateral and tangential force variation of the rolling tire.
Optionally the tire uniformity measurements can be performed as well at low speed.

  • HSU-Lab-1PC Single stand version (Passenger Car Tires),
  • HSU-Lab-1MC Single stand version (Motor Cycles Tires),
  • HSU-Lab-1LT Single stand version (light trucks),
  • HSU-Lab-1PC-1LT Double stand (beide Seiten für „Passenger & Truck Tires“),
  • HSU-Lab-2PC Double stand (beide Seiten für „Passenger Tires“),
  • HSU-Lab-2PLT Double stand (1 Seite Pass. cars, 1 Seite light Trucks).
    • The machine frame is designed as a welded construction and mounted on vibration dampers.
    • Each test bench has an electromechanically driven feed unit. A 3-component measuring hub with zero rim flange is mounted on it.
    • The tyre to be measured is mounted on a zero rim, inflated and centred and fixed to the zero rim flange of the measuring hub.
  • 2006/42/EG CE machinery directive
  • WDK-directive 109-2 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tyres – Radial and lateral force variation.
  • WDK-directive 109-3 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tyres – Test condition for passenger car tyres.
  • WDK-directive 109-8 Uniformity measurement of pneumatic tyres – Test parameters and quality values for passenger car tyres.
  • SAE International J 332 – Testing Machines for Measuring the Uniformity of Passenger Car and Light Truck Tyres.
  • ISO 13326 Test methods for measuring tyre uniformity.

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