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Measuring technology for tyres


The test bench is used to carry out temperature endurance tests and high-speed tests according to ISO 10191 / DIN 78051.


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Endurance and high speed Testing Machine (ETM)​

The Enduring Testing is one of the most important quality criterion of a tire, as a standardized procedure according to ISO 10191 / DIN 78051. The test is important to ensure reliability and safety of the tested tire. The machines have to cover speeds up to 350 km/h and radial forces in the range of 50kN in order to be suitable also for high performance tires. Besides testing of passenger car tires the demand to test TBR tires is increasing which leads to required forces of up to 100kN.

inmess serves these growing demands by offering different options of endurance testing machines. The machines are equipped with up to 8 stations with a choice of PCR and TBR configuration at each station. Due to existing customer specific guidelines and requirements concerning the machine equipment, inmess offers a large variety of options such as different types of drives, plc controls and interfaces.

  • ETM-1PC Single stand version (Passenger Car Tires),
  • ETM-1MC Single stand version (Motor Cycles Tires),
  • ETM-1LT Single stand version (light trucks),
  • ETM-2PC Double stand (both sides for Passenger Tires),
  • ETM-2PT Double stand (1 side Pass. cars, 1 side Truck and Bus),
  • ETM-2PC-2MC Double stand (2 sides Pass. cars, 2 Sides Motor Cycles Tires),
  • ETM-2PC/MC-2TB Double stand (2 sides Pass. cars/ Motor Cycles, 2 Sides Truck and Bus Tires),
  • The machine frame is a solid weld design mounted on vibration-damping machine feet. As a result, no additional foundation is required for the machine.
  • Each test station has an electro-mechanically driven feed unit with a spindle for zero rims.
  • The roll radius and the offset are determined by a digital measuring system.
  • The system is equipped with a safety cut-out, which ensures that the machine returns to its initial position in the event of tire defects and stops the load wheel and the spindle with test tires.
  • 2006/42/EG Maschinenrichtlinie.
  • ISO 10191 Passenger car tyres –Verifying tyre capabilities-Laboratory test methods
  • DIN 78051 Speed performance test of passenger car tyres.
  • UN-ECE-R30.
  • FMVSS No. 109+139



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