Product realisation

Customer demands are determined, assessed and documented by our sales team and engineers. Also included in this process are expectations that were not specified by the client. If product requirements change, the relevant documents are adapted with the pertinent personnel being informed accordingly. Rules pertaining to customer communication are agreed individually with each client.  

Externally procured components and services are purchased from systematically sourced suppliers. They are subject to continuous assessments and have been approved by our strategic purchase team. The performance of our suppliers has a high impact on our own performance. Hence it is vital for us to measure, evaluate and develop the performance of our suppliers according to our own quality standards as well as the requirements of our clients. All externally sourced products and services are thoroughly checked in order to make sure that their quality meets our demands.  

We systematically monitor our test and measuring devices. By doing this we ensure that all quality checks and production facilities comply with the customer demands and the requirements of the applicable technical guidelines.