It is the objective of our management team and all our employees to deliver top quality service. This includes adherence to deadlines and defined costs. Our relevant principles are stipulated in the corporate strategy by the management team. This policy determines our annual objectives. Our management team, in co-operation with the corporate divisions, summarise the objectives to set the targets for each division. Providing the necessary resources creates the prerequisites to achieve these targets.  

Our management team are leading by example when it comes to quality awareness and customer orientation. This exemplary behaviour ensures that all our employees are aware of their personal responsibility with respect to quality of our products and services and that they act in accordance at all times. The management team also ensure the assessment of customer requirements as well as environmental, official and legal demands. Quality targets are set and evaluated for all corporate processes and levels.  

A management review is conducted once a year to assess the achievement of objectives and also the suitability of the management system. A quality manager, authorised by the management team, supervises and develops the management system and reports its performance to the management. Suitable communication processes have been introduced throughout the company.