Corporate policy

It is our goal and task to know and fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers at all times. By doing this we aim to achieve excellent customer satisfaction. Hence all our corporate processes are targeted towards meeting the needs of our external and internal clientele.  

All employees are responsible for the quality and cost effectiveness of their performance. This is controlled by the tasks, responsibilities and targets agreed with them as well as the promotion of their skills. All employees adhere to the following principle: “Eliminating discrepancies takes priority over eliminating faults!”  

The company create all the resources required to provide high quality performance. Good internal communication and training opportunities for employees are important factors to achieve this goal. Based on the inmess process model the internal customer/supplier principle has been adopted throughout the company.  

The company’s efficiency is controlled by process indicators, interface arrangements and team decisions. Reasons for discrepancies of quality, deadlines and costs are analysed and eliminated. We like to work as partners and we believe in open communication. Only a good co-operation with our suppliers guarantees top service for our customers. We measure and evaluate the performance of our suppliers and are happy to support them according to our quality standards and the requirements of our customer.  

By continually improving the quality of our products, our flexibility, our adherence to deadlines, our costs and our activities we want to ensure the competitiveness and growth of our business. Every employee is obliged to collaborate actively in the achievement of these goals. The management manual is intended to put this corporate policy into practice. It is binding for all our employees.