Test engineering on high-tech-niveau

Founded in 2007 inmess GmbH are now established providers of specialised measuring and test engineering equipment as well as automation systems and machine construction. We also supply the relevant software. The development of rotary bending test machines and tyre testing appliances form the cornerstones of our business. These are used in test laboratories and production to ensure maximum quality control

So far the following machines have been developed by us:

  • Rotary bending test machines
  • Unroll test bends
  • Impact test machines
  • Concentricity and plan measurement devices for disc wheels
  • Laser based concentricity and plan measurement devices which recognise dents and constrictions to secure quality control in automotive and wheel industry
  • Laser based measuring devices for the control of tractor wheels and tyres
  • Measurement technique for tyre testing machines (tyre uniformity measurement machines)
  • Software controlled dimensional measurement equipment for universal use

Many of these machines and testing devices are not only used by the industry, but also in the test laboratories of the German TUEV (German Association for Technical Inspection). They are used to assess and check disc wheels. This is mandatory if one wants to get an operating licence.

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