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Measuring technology for tyres



Centrifugal Force Contour Measuring Machine (CCM)

The centrifugal contour measuring machine is used to measure changes in the tire contour of motorcycle tires at different speeds.
Optionally, passenger car tires can be measured.

  • Machine housing with drive motor, main shaft and wheel connection flange for zero rims, as well as a laser based scanning unit.
  • The main shaft will be driven by a steplessly adjustable servo motor.
  • Optionally motorcycle wheel assemblies can be mounted via a motorcycle mount.
  • The power unit, the electrical control, the safety circuits and the drive control are positioned in the electrical cabinet. All necessary machine functions can also be operated manually from the control panel.
  • 2006/42/EG Maschinenrichtlinie.
  • ISO 10231 Motorcycle tyres – Test method for the verifying tyre capabilities.
  • Directive for the testing of special wheels for motor vehicles and their trailers § 30 StVO (1998)

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