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Measuring technology for complete wheels



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Bead seat optimizer According to Audi patent

The machine optimizes the tire seat on newly mounted wheels under practical conditions. Since it is not possible to determine whether the tire is optimally mounted or whether there are air inclusions between the tire sidewall and the rim flange without great measuring effort, it is advisable to optimize the tire seat on each wheel. An optimum fit of the tire on the rim considerably reduces or prevents later complaints (unbalance, tire uniformity) caused by changes in the tire fit on the rim during driving.

  • The wheel is transported to the receiving station. It is assumed that the complete wheels are provided by the conveyor system with an accuracy of ±30 mm across the conveying direction. If this cannot be guaranteed, the cycle time will be adversely affected.
  • Here, the wheel is centered and the outside diameter measured.
  • The measured diameter is compared to the test plan.
  • The wheel is lifted out by the lifting unit, centered and clamped flat against a Vulkollan plate.
  •  As soon as the wheel is clamped, the road wheel is clamped against the clamped wheel (according to the test plan settings) via the carriage drive. A check is conducted to verify whether the offset is within the permissible tolerance.
  • Optionally the inner tire pressure can be determined.
  •  Now the wheel is optimized according to the settings from the test plan.
  • The road wheel moves to home position.
  • The lifting unit moves the wheel downwards and places it on the conveyor belt.
  • The wheel is transported out of the machine and a new wheel is fed in. 
  • For double stand version: During optimization process, the wheel is conveyed out by the other station and another wheel is fed in and clamped. 

  • The wheel can be moved in sequence.

The bead seat optimization is carried out by performing a simulated curved path (according to Audi patent). 

During optimization the load force and the lateral force, generated by the steer angle, are compared to the set forces. Via the offset, the tire’s filling is checked. 

Optionally, the inmess patented air pressure detection compares the air pressure of the wheel to the settings. 

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