Inmess GmbH – the solution provider in measurement technology

Test engineering on high tech level


inmess GmbH, located in Bremen, Germany have their roots in the measurement technology in the rim, wheel and tyre industry. In close collaboration with automotive suppliers as well as test laboratories, inmess developed equipment to measure and optimise rims, wheels and tyres. Additionally we develop and produce fully automatic machinery, which is used in the productions lines of our customers.

inmess gained experience in the field of optical measurement technology through the continuous improvement of our equipment. Thus, the management board of inmess decided to strengthen this area as an independent division. Hence, inmess offers their customers individually designed solutions to enable them to gain process reliability through the usage of the different methods of the optical measurement technology. Applications start with measurements in the range of few µ-meters to measurements of construction components of several meters. Due to the fact that most customers require a 100% control, tact times considerably below 10 seconds are common.